Loran Scruggs


Colors and patterns of graphics on food packaging and consumer products have long influenced Loran Scruggs’ artwork. Aside from the product design itself, humanity’s ability (both in contemporary art and in so-called “third world” societies) to re-use what is on hand inspires her to create art from discarded materials. Scale and proportion being very important, an element will often control the size of a piece. If a soup can is a wheel, then the body of the dump truck will be proportional to that soup can. She incorporates puns as well, such as using a Hunts Tomatoes can to create a hunting knife.
Scruggs obtained a degree in sculpture from California College of the Arts in Sculpture in 1991. Upon graduation, She worked with such diverse materials as inner tubes, blackberry bush trimmings and human hair, finally focusing her attention on the tin can, particularly graphically painted cans. This has remained Loran’s primary medium since 1996. Related experience in Computer Aided Drafting instilled an affinity for order and readability… where does the eye travel and pause in a work of art?
Loran’s philosophy is “Artwork is a meditation. It’s about being in the moment.” And she believes it’s even better if it makes a person smile.

website: www.loran-scruggs.squarespace.com