Kay Harper


The inspiration for Kay’s photography flows from her love and reverence for the natural world. Kay’s preference for photographing beautiful natural objects is an outgrowth of her education in the biological sciences and her experiences as a gardener. Kay’s intent is to capture the amazing beauty and complexity of the smaller, more intimate creations of nature. Kay says, “I think of these images as portraiture and I am striving to reveal the unique essence of the flower, fruit, vegetable, leaf, or shell in my focus.” Although some of her photos are taken in a natural setting, Kay enjoys arranging still life compositions that feature these beautiful objects and photographing them in her small home studio. Kay’s hope is that her viewers will appreciate these lovely natural creations in the same way as they would appreciate a fine piece of art or sculpture.

email: ckayharper@gmail.com
website: www.kayharperphotos.com