Kathy Tilley


Art and stories have grabbed Kathy’s attention since she was a small child. It does not matter where the art is observed; observing the beauty of the day, a photo in a catalog, a movie, or a picture book, it is all beauty to Kathy. Stories from books and from life continue to inspire her and she gets ideas for paintings from those stories. Kathy enjoy painting the figure in an environment and use the opportunity to tell a story of sorts. she currently use oils though she has used acrylic paint as well. Shw also uses collage as a way to create a composition, using color, form, and composition.

Kathy creates art for a person who enjoys having art in his or her environment. “Art brings beauty into the world to enjoy day after day” says Kathy who is committed to creating art for the long term. Painting most days helps her to improve her skills and when she has the opportunity she takes a class from a painter she admires, or reads a book on developing skills and technique. This all goes into the creation of making good art.

email: kathytilleyart@gmail.com