Brian Iverson


Brian Iverson: Glass Blower

Brian’s interest in glass began in 1996 while he was living in a house with artists who were learning to blow glass. He was inspired. Using scraps of stained glass, he taught himself how to first make beads and then other small, hand-blown vessels. After attending several classes on blowing glass, Brian began working as an assistant and volunteering at various glass shops so that he could learn different techniques. With the help and mentorship of some great Pacific Northwest glass artists, Brian’s work has continued to evolve over the past two plus decades.

Blowing glass is meditative for Brian and allows him to find moments of peace, to shut out the noise and just create. This beautiful place we call home is where he finds most of his inspiration. Whether it’s walks in the woods or along the beach, or listening to the tiny birds carry on conversations in the tall trees, the beauty all around us is truly awe inspiring. Brian hopes to capture some of that beauty and put it back into the world through his work.