Ann Norton


One path often leads to another and Ann Norton’s lead her to a career in weaving.  After an incredibly brief stint as a social worker in Los Angeles Ann moved to Seattle, married and ended up on a remote island in the San Juan archipelago.  

Ann taught herself to weave on a loom made by her husband and using materials readily available in the mid seventies-that is to say, seine twine and Aunt Lydia’s Rug Yarn she made rugs for the family home.  Eventually Ann learned to spin various fibers and using natural dyes collected on the island began experimenting with various dying techniques.

Her path eventually led to land south of Port Townsend where her skills of living off the land were put to good use when she started a landscaping company.  After almost three decades as a landscaper she retired in 2009 and became a full time weaver, creating heirloom quality home items and beautiful outerwear.

Her inspiration comes from her garden both cultivated and natural.