Andrea Guarino-Slemmons Photography


Andrea has proven herself for decades as a world class fine art jeweler. Her work awes, inspires, and delights. Few knew, however, her passion for photography. A lifelong photographer, whether she is hiking, biking and traveling the world, Andrea seldom travels without her camera. In the tradition of “f/8 and be there” Andrea comes prepared.

Andrea’s images have already been published in “Bead and Buttons Magazine” and publications by Lark Books. As you take in her work, you can see why.

Though Andrea continues to create handcrafted fine art jewelry, she is ever chasing form and light, looking for uniquely magic moments to capture, here in the Northwest and beyond.

We are pleased Andrea is bringing her lifelong passion for photography to collectors through Port Townsend Gallery. As with her jewelry, we believe her photography awes, inspires and delights.