Addy Thornton

Addy’s metalsmithing interests began in the mid-1970s when, in England, she was part of a family run antique shop. When Addy returned to Canada she took metalsmithing courses at Vancouver Vocational Institute and design courses at Emily Carr School of Art.

Over the years she built her inventive repertoire.  The trajectory of a prolonged move to Port Townsend swayed Addy into exploring fabric techniques incorporated into metal. Crocheting, kitting and wire/fabric weaving, allowed her to work in a more portable fashion. Addy is now at home here in Port Townsend, and is anticipating expanding her artistic experience, while fully expiring 3D work.

Her love affair with jewelry has never really diminished as new techniques are always a way of reinvigorating her work. Addy loves fabrication and metal forming and haves a particular fascination for adding semi-precious gems to her work. She research each stone to learn of the particular energy and vibration it imparts.

Lately Addy has been most enamored by totem animals and, after finishing a few rattles with animal paintings on them, animals have been finding their way into her most recent work. Color is also a factor and metalsmithing has such luscious ways of producing color. Addy loves to work with anodizing niobium, patination and polymer clay. She is also looking forward to more kinetic jewelry as design. Movement, form and color are all equally as important to her as contextual impact of the piece.

Her work has been featured in Metalsmith magazine. She  has displayed mostly in Seattle while being a member of the Seattle jewelers’ guild. Addy is excited about being able to display her work here in this wonderful part of the world! And Port Townsend Gallery is glad she is a part of our family.