Maegan Sale Kennedy


Maegan began to work primarily in pen and ink while attaining her BFA in photojournalism. 

While she pursued photography, she also studied various artistic techniques and art history.

After her 2013 move to Port Townsend, she began to devote more of her time to her art. She incorporated color into her black and white ink drawings, and over time added water colors, colored pencils, acrylic and chalk. She considers her artwork to be best described as “mixed media graphics.”

Maegan acquired her fascination with art as a young child, and worked constantly to put her imagination on the page while retaining her own style. Maegan strives to incorporate basic realism with a unique interpretation, often using bright colors and intricate textures to draw viewers into her work.

She credits her ideas to a constant supply of illustrated children’s books, cartoons, posters, and a well-rounded classical and artistic education.  Maegan also has an ability to see a quirkier side of life, which she draws from when creating her pieces.  She also believes that her training as a photographer has given her better perspective into composition, color, and light. 

Her work begins with a pencil sketch on paper, followed by a pen outline, then color, and a constant repetition of layers, textures, and small details.  Some drawing take up to three months to complete. While her work is time-consuming, Maegan believes that the details add a rewarding complexity to her work. She hopes that her art allows people see things from a different perspective and, above all, to find enjoyment. 

Maegan has been a member of the Port Townsend Gallery since 2022.